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Pelé - FIFA 18 - reviewing attributes

Messagepar blanka797 » 20 Février 2017, 23:18


Finishing = 95 (Romario & Gerd Muller = 99)
Shot Power = 89
Long Shots = 89
FK Acc = 86 (Zico = 98)
Curve = 81

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Pele 100 Shots
Pele Top Lob Goals

Weak Foot accuracy 5*/5

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Pele 100 Left Foot Goals

Ball Control = 98 (Ronaldinho = 99)

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Pele Total Ball Control

Volleys = 95

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Pele Volleys

Dribbling = 96 (Maradona & Garrincha = 99)
Agility = 94 (Garrincha & Messi = 99)

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Pele The Dribbling Master

Skills 5*/5

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Pele Style & Trademarks

Sprint Speed = 94 (Cristiano Ronaldo = 95)
Acceleration = 96 (Ronaldo Fenameno = 98)

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200 Rare Skills of Pele (The Speed Part starts at 8:09)
Pelé 1961 vs Henry 1998 (Speed Comparison)

Strength = 82
Balance = 94 ( Zidane = 99 )
Aggression = 70

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200 Rare Skills of Pele (The physical Part starts at 10:27)

Interceptions = 67
Stand Tackle = 69
Slide Tackle = 55
Marking = 36

Watch this video:
Defending in The 60's - Pele as an Example

Jumping = 99
Headers = 92

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Pele 100 Headers

Stamina = 88

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Pele How Good was he at the last minutes

Reactions = 96 (Gerd Muller = 99)

Watch this video:
Pele The poacher

Short Passing = 89
Long Passing = 87
Crossing = 87
Vision = 96

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Pele The Playmaker

Attack Pos = 99

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The Hero of Final Matches
Pele Facts:
The Legend of Number 10
Pele vs Europe

GK Diving = 71
GK Handling = 59
GK Reflexes = 73
GK Positioning = 72

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Pele 100 Headers (The Keeper Part Starts at 11:51)
Pele The Goalkeeper 1,2 and 3

Overall rating = 95

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Pele 99
Pele The Most Complete Player
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Pele Disadvantages
Pele Facts
Great Players Talking about Pele

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Re: Pelé - FIFA 18 - reviewing attributes

Messagepar blanka797 » 18 Mars 2017, 10:36

"Football now is more competitive" It is like saying "If Messi plays after 30 years from know he will be an average player because of the evolution of the game"!!!
This is nonsense, Messi has to focus now, to win now, to dominant now if he wants to prove his quality! You can't judge his quality by sending him to the future!!

Pele did everything in the best way ever, he beat the best in his time and led his team to win every big trophy with his club and national team.. No one now can even dream to do this. Is this a bad thing for Pele? No .. It's not.

we don't have to delete every accomplishment in the past every time we discover a new move or change a bad rule or tweak an old tactic.


South Americans were the better side than Europe back in the 60's
Brazil with 100% of local players squad manage to win 3 world cups against Europeans with 100% professionals in Europe.
Nowadays things has changed, Brazil in 2006 World Cup played with only 3 local players in their squad the rest (20 players) were active in Europe. Europe has become far much superior than South America nowadays and that's why this generation think Europe is everything.

Until the year 1970, South Americans won 56% of World cup trophies using 100% of their local players, while Europeans won only 44% with 100% of professional players active in Europe.
"Intercontinental Cup" was a yearly match between the champion of South America (Club wise) and the champion of Europe. Between 1960 - 2004, South America manage to win 51% of the 43 years face off matches with Europe.
Pele was just superior to Europeans. Best players in Europe were just a bench-warmers for Pele in Brazil squad (Altafini- Amarildo)


Defenders in the time of Pele

If Defenders of Maradona's time evolved from Pele's time! The question is: why attackers like Maradona failed to evolve like defenders? Were they stupid to let defenders evolve without them? or the problem was their talent wasn't as good as Pele to conquer their times like he did!

By those lame excuses what they are saying is:
Pele was bigger than his time, but Maradona wasn't bigger than his time. and who's fault is that? Evolving defenders or non-evolving attackers?

Maradona didn't earn an invitation to play with a winning Argentina team in 1978 World Cup! WHY? Were there a better talented players than him?

Maradona couldn't break the famous weak defense of Brazil in 1982 World Cup? WHY, specially if we know defense of Brazil 1982 was much weaker than Italy, Uruguay or England in 1970 World Cup.

Pele wasn't the best defender in his time but I can't see a HUGE difference between his defending skills and modern defenders. Watch for yourself:

You face the best in the world, You beat them.. You don't have to beat anyone in the future to prove your quality.. This is how reality works my friends.
Pele was bigger than his time, I can't see anyone else manage to be bigger than his time except Pele, when I asked why, all I hear are excuses "Tough defenders", Tough Era", "Tough life" .. I want to see another genius ahead of his time, bigger than his time like Pele.

When haters insisted "defending was shit in the time of Pele" What do they want to prove?
"If Pele is playing now he won't be able to achieve what he did achieve in the 60's"?
What exactly do they suggests? stripping Pele from all his World Cup medals because they were in a time of a horrible defending or because he had great teammates?
Or you suggests Pele to play for Brazil in 2018 World Cup and after he wins he will be worthy of your admiration?
Do they consider the triumph of Germany in 1954 means less than their in 1990 or 2014?
If the defense was that bad back in the 60's, why wasn't a great dribbler like Garrincha able to score every time he touches the ball?

Pele played in the time of Maradona, he was 36 when he played against England in 1976. Maradona earned his first call up to the national team a few months later.. Watch how was Pele when he played against defenders from the time of Maradona:

New generation think there was no tactics in the time of Pele, but there was tactics, in fact false 9 tactic or Catenaccio tactic were invented in the 60,s.
Football as a game has evolved in every aspect not only in defense. Tactics nowadays are helping strikers to score more goals and to be better. It is no coincidence top scores of all time for the biggest national teams are all modern players except for Brazil.. Messi for Argentina, Henry for France, CR7 for Purtogal, Roony for England and others

Try to imagine if:
In the future, any physical contact in football results in a card.
Will that make defending easier or harder?
It will be harder to defend.
Tactics will shift toward more closed formations that appear to be more defensive than that at our time;
the fact is that the attackers will just need to outrun the defenders to beat them.
The rhythm of play will speed up in order to search for spaces as though it is a speed/stamina contest.
Talent will not be a priority to win anymore.


Friendly games of Pele

Pele had a proven record of friendlies.. First class competitive games and tournaments .. Some people used to ignore these games as it means "nothing" in the sake of debate.
Between the word "official" and word "friendly", people doesn't know that a lot of "official" games are less competitive than "friendlies"!
Which is less competitive? :
1- A friendly match between Santos and European elites was like a war to prove who is the best in the World.
2- An official match between Barcelona and Getafe (or any second division team) in the second leg of Spanish cup after everything was finished in the first leg.
3- An official match between Olympic Brazil and Olympic Panama.

From another angle, friendlies are not that easy to compete in and to shine, if anyone plays 3 matches a week (1 friendly + 2 officials) this will effect his stamina, power, concentration, and it will effect his entire season. This has to mean something.
Some young people are trying to delete more than 500 goals in 500 games of Pele's rich career for the sake of debate just like that, but only with his official goals he is still way better than everyone.

I remember a friendly tournament in 1997 between Brazil, France, Italy and England .. This tournament was much more competitive than league games against weak and midplaced teams+ Friendlies of Santos against Europeans in the time of Pele were a bigger event than local matches.
Artur Koort said: "Pele usually, if not always, played against the best teams of europe (top 4 teams) while Maradona played against outsiders and midplaced teams as well. at least, 75 percent of Pele's games against europeans were against top teams while 10 or 20 percent of Maradona's can be against top teams. It is like: Pele plays against 20 games Milan, Juventus, INter and Maradona plays 3 games against them and the remaining 17 are against outsider clubs."

Pele won only 2 World Cups, in 1962 he watched his team winning the World Cup from the bench.
I replied: Don't ignore these facts:
1- Pele played and helped his team through 33% of the campaign .. Garrincha lead the rest 66% of it.
2- No doubt, everyone admits Amarildo "the reserve of Pele" is a legitimate world Cup champion in 1962, but no one should forget that Pele was the first choice in the lineup ahead of this "legitimate world Cup champion".. And still be the first choice after the World Cup ahead of Amarildo for many years.
3- Three months later, Pele recovered from his injury and showed the world what they missed in the World Cup when he destroyed the mighty Benfica in Club World Cup final

Football has rules .. Every player is competing in football to prove he is the best within those rules.. It doesn't matter how many players you can dribble past if you can't defeat your opponent.. Maybe if we change rules and start to give official points to the team with more dribbles, only then we can judge players with less dribbling attends or fancy moves and say "they can't be the best" because we will know they were not skillful enough to gain extra valuable points.
Now, according to current rules, how can we identify "the best"?
Some fans think "the best" is the player with certain dribbling skills or flare ball control moves, but this is not how legends like Di Stefano, Zagallo, Becenbauer, Zico, Romario and many others understand the game..
Although some fans think they understand football better than legends, but I am sure if one of them is a coach he will choose efficiency over "pleasing the crowd" factor, because his job is to win, not to put on a circus show! At least under current rules.
Pele was very efficient and was able to surprise people giving them a glamours show too..
Either in ground or from the sky, he was as powerful as he was skillful.

FIFA is corrupted, FIFA tried to rob Maradona.. OK .. I agree to ignore FIFA's individual titles, but this will not effect Pele what so ever..
The irony is that the only big individual title was given to Maradona is "FIFA Player of the Century" given to him by the same corrupted FIFA we are talking about..
Lets strip them both from this corrupted honor and see, which one of them needs FIFA title more to be recognized officially as "Player The Century"?
Well, just watch the last part of this video 8:08 and you will know that Pele didn't need FIFA to recognized him as "Player The Century" .. In fact FIFA needed to crown Pele to look fair, legitimate and professional after the internet popularity scandal.
Just watch this video:

Anyone compares Messi's whole career to some footages of Pele in 1970 World Cup:
Messi's prime was between 2009 and 2012 winning 4 Ballon d'Ors and doing great runs.
Now, imagine if you started to watch Messi in february 2017 just before he is 30 years old.
He rarely makes solo runs, he is shifting to make more assists rather than scoring goals, but sometimes he triggers unusual move, pass or shot makes all the hype about him rise again and you think:
"Why all this hype about Messi?" ... WmO2HYoavu
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