Brasil 1982

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Brasil 1982

Messagepar bart27 » 30 Mai 2013, 21:51

Can anyone post some information about the legendary golden team of 1982

Did the play 4-2-2-2? / 4-2-3-1? / 4-1-4-1?

Why was Waldir Peres in goal? (Leao was still keeping?)
Was Luizinho that good he did keep Edinho out of the starting XI
Whom played CM: Socrates or Zico?
Whom played out right? Zico? Socrates?
If Serghino was not good enough (on most internet they tell) why didnt he play Reinaldo or Dinamite in front?

How good was Paulo Isidoro - he was a sub in 4/5 matches?

If they hadnot lost would they been WC winners?

Whom was better 58 side - 70 side - 82 side?

How many games did the magic team play together? just those 5?

How many games did Zico - Socrates - Falcao - T.Cerezo play together?
(the France 84-86 midfield played a lot of games together winning a lot - the European Brazilians)

Wich important Brazilian player was not called up by Tele?
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Re: Brasil 1982

Messagepar Elivelton » 03 Juillet 2014, 00:01

I remember that exorbitant team which died in beauty..
4-4-2 was the system they ought to play.
Dinamite never was the real choice for the selecao.
They thougth he was a real good player for his hometeam but not for the selecao.

The first and great idea and intention of the the selecao was:
The teammates should produce so much attacking pressure against the adversary so that the opponents can't develop their own game style.

I never saw a team better playing in such a real very beauty way until the AC Milan at the end of the 80's (with the 3 Dutchmen, with Sebastiano Rossi, Baresi,, Maldini, Ancelotti and so on) or Barca during the last years with their "futbol total".
But at 1982 the selecao was stopped at their highest level from a strong Italian squad with a stabile defence and an extraordinary Paolo Rossi.
At the end the squadra azzura was the right champion!

To prefer the offensive and rely on the left striker Eder was not enough.

The goalkeeper was changed because they had lost the faith in Emerson Leao. They believed he can*t win a game "alone".

Probably the 1970 selecao was the best Brasilian team ever?
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Re: Brasil 1982

Messagepar markm » 11 Juillet 2014, 20:40

I too remember that team. Magic.
Zico was out right, Socrates central, Serginho was the number 9 however - with Eder out left.
of course these were not restricted.
falcao played a massive role in midfield as well. but like many great playmakers (Platini, Zidane) he could take the ball forward...
the big problem back then was the defence. Star players like Junior would push forward. But unlike the rubbish nowadays they could defend from time to time. there was naivety however. look at the italy game in Seville...
A better number 9 could have helped, while he scored (at least 2) Serginho missed about 700 :)
In his defence, I understand he was very good at home.
I wasnt around for the 70s team...but the footage would suggest that they would have won a match.
but for entertainment - it would be incredibly close.
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