Brazil National team superb photos since 1979 till 1994

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Brazil National team superb photos since 1979 till 1994

Messagepar hovenkamp10 » 17 Novembre 2012, 09:21

Dear gentlemen!
I'd like to direct your attention to great football photo collection which includes absolutely wonderful pictures shot by the world’s leading sports photographers.
Fantastic quality, high resolution (average size 2500 x 4500 pixels).
Please note that all photos are digital originals (graphical files)!
You can easy get them by email. Just send me request with Number and details of the photos you’re interesting in.
Low prices.
You can buy a whole collection (grandiose discounts are provided) or make an individual request (minimal order - 5 pictures).

There are 14 Big Section of Collection (398 photos in total):

1. Brazil National teams in period since 1979 till 1994 (group team photos - 87 images).
2. Famous players and coaches of Brazil National team (portraits - 41 images).
3. Famous Brazilian players in local tournaments (portraits - 36 photos).
4. Brazilian greatest clubs in local competitions (group team photos – 15 images).
5. Intercontinental Cup winners (group team photos – 3 images).
6. European Cups winners and finalists (group team photos – 123 images).
7. World Cup legends (group team photos – 43 images).
8. Olympic games winners and medalists (group team photos – 3 images).
9. Mundialito (Copa de Oro) 1981 (group team photos – 5 images).
10. European Championships legends (group team photos – 14 images).
11. National teams in friendly international matches (group team photos – 10 images).
12. Great U-20 National teams (group team photos – 2 images).
13. Great clubs in various tournaments (group team photos – 13 images).
14. Swedish famous players (portraits – 3 images).

Please, see detailed Catalogue of Grand Football Photo Collection and the samples here:

Or you can receive Catalogue by email.
Just send me request.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

MY EMAIL ADDRESS is the following –

If you would like to buy the pictures from Grande Collection – just make a request (to my email address) and I’ll send you the previews (small size/low resolution) with detailed description.
If you’ll make the decision on purchase, then we’ll make a deal – you’ll send me money, I’ll send (via email) the pictures to you.
Very quickly, very easily.
Please, see a few samples from this wonderful classic collection on the following links:

Brazil National team
Eurocups legends
World Cups and European champs legends -
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