How should Dunga react to the new role?

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How should Dunga react to the new role?

Messagepar moab » 14 Août 2014, 20:25

Well as we all love Selecao our wish wasn't Dunga as a coach. because we've seen what he had done between 2006-2010. although he won many matches, his style of playing was very boring and unbrazilian too. he got rid off ''joga bonito''.the one thing i liked was z disciplin he had at z dressing room and picks players on their ''moment'' merit.
in 2010 WC dunga didn't have many quality players that he could rely on.Kaka was injured months b4 WC, Robinho is/was Always inconsistent, Ronaldinhon and Pato should be there. Comparing to what Scolari had in 2014 WC dunga didn't have that much quality but they kept winning in a boring style. at scolari's disposal Neymar,Oscar, Marcelo,D.alves,D.Luiz,Hernanes,Bernard,Hulk,Willian,Fernandinho...and players those should be included in z squad like Coutinho,L.Moura. Scolari picked players because of their confederations cup 2013 merit.a merit that's one year old. Paulinho was a bench at Tottenham, even Oscar was a bench in z end of a season. d.Luiz too. fred was injured half of a season. jo was inconsistent. Bernard was not even a starter at his club level. henrique was never played under him at z national team. Scolari kept z same 11 that he used under confederation cup. while he had all z qualities he chose to play in a very aggressive way.(much more a concerning side than dunga's one). so dunga need to Think like a real brazilian. he has all z qualities he need. neymar, Oscar,coutinho,moura,rafinha(Barcelona),firminho,willian....and others. so he need to play a football based on short passes, ball possession n attacking football. he need to have an identity of ''how to play football''. there r many talented midfielders who can dictate z match and win games. so selcao need to stop relying on their full backs. let z full backs defend and midfielders and forwards attack. let them play with one holding midfielder, 4 defenders(including 2 full backs) and 5 creative midfielders and forwards.
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Re: How should Dunga react to the new role?

Messagepar pedofogo412 » 19 Août 2014, 05:23

I am excited to see what the squad will be tomorrow.

I am hoping he cleans house, save a few players.
I like the fact that their seems to be no favoritism.
Scolari had favorites who had great fitness, but could were poor tacticians.
Hulk, Alves, Marcelo, and Maicon immediately come to mind.

I will be at the friendly game next month against Columbia.
I know Dunga is a defensive specialist, so I expect an immediate improvement in that area.
My concern, like everyone else is the conservative offensive style that doomed his first stint.

I hope Dunga has learned from his mistakes in this first tenure and is more flexible to change and incorporating players to their strengths.
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