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Dunga's view

Messagepar wstfort » 13 Juillet 2014, 17:39

There is no difference between Scolari and Dunga. Scolari preferred had a mediocre team with Fred et others he wanted; he never knows to play in 4-3-3 because this team has no # 9 or try Hulk for more activities. David Luis is not bad, but he can't play in central defense, because he has no discipline. Luis may play strongly in the middle avec Ramires. Miranda and Luis Philipe ATM, Magenqhos and Lucas PSG are the good solution for Scolari.
Dunga preferred a mediocre team with Wagner Love then call Ronaldinho who was very good. Remember Scolari has great team for Confederation Cup, he may have little bit credit because he said, he worried about the fitness of this team, as Paulinho, Oscar, Hulk and Fred never show their physical condition to help the team with Super Neymar.
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Re: Dunga's view

Messagepar markm » 13 Juillet 2014, 19:33

Luiz is terrible as a defender. And he calls himself a defender. Someone has paid 50 million for his services "as a defender".
no problem if you have no discipline. Just dont wear the uniform of Selecao.
regarding the fitness of those you mention - then other players should have been chosen. Even in his mid-30s Ronaldinho would have been a better option.
i think you have a very good point about the Confed cup - I saw Brazil's matches too...but even then, Neymar was the main man.
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Re: Dunga's view

Messagepar Rivaldo10 » 19 Juillet 2014, 23:18

It looks like it's gonna be Dunga. I'm really nervous. Why are these clowns doing this? This is not Brazilian football. This is a bunch of bullshit.
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