<![CDATA[RSS Sambafoot]]>http://sambafoot.com/en(sambafoot.com)sambafoot.comsambafoot.comen-en<![CDATA[The best online football games 2018 for Brazilian Fans]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93239_the_best_online_football_games_2018_for_brazilian_fans.htmlWhether you’re killing time at work or relaxing with friends on a Saturday night, football games can be a great way to keep yourself entertained and pass the time with a bit of friendly competition that’ll give you your football fix in the process.

The quality of football games has improved dramatically with the advancement of modern technology in recent times. We’ve gone from poorly detailed little dots kicking balls into nets to human-like, finely detailed characters with commentary, fans in the stand and advanced controls to be able to pull off rabona goals and bicycle kicks.

FIFA 18 still king

FIFA 18 on the PS4, a simply iconic game in its own right, is the latest in a series of football games which demonstrate the improvement of the graphics and gameplay in modern times quite perfectly. The game, made by EA Sports, is the most popular of its kind in the world and is widely played, even by gamers who aren’t necessarily fans of the sport.

FIFA is a game that rewards passing, flowing football and considered but incisive build-up play. Gone are the days of simply crossing it for an easy headed goal or rocketing a 30-yard strike every match you play; this skillful, tough game takes a few sessions to get the hang of, especially before you take anyone on online or have a go at the endless online features.

PES is FIFA’s big rival

Another classic game similar to that of FIFA 18 but perhaps underrated by many is Pro Evolution Soccer 18, better known as PES. PES is a timeless classic many grey-haired gamers will be familiar with. The modern version is lagging behind FIFA according to the figures, but the older, more classic versions of the game stand its reputation in good stead and provide hope that it can get even better with future releases.

FIFA has the game modes, the looks, the licensing, and the better commentary but PES has been rated by many as having the better gameplay and better feel to it.

Football Manager 2018, by Sports Interactive, is essentially designed for those football fans who fancy their chances when it comes to making it in the football management game. We’ve all got one friend like that, haven’t we?! With the option to play online or simply by yourself in the form of a career mode, players of the game have the opportunity to manage a club of their choice from around the world, sign that Neymar type trickster the team needs or sell that constantly injured defender they might have on their books, all whilst hopefully keeping the board and fans happy.

Casino football games proving popular

Football games have also been released by online casinos, with a number of excellent ones out there. The Liverpool FC slot, for example, features free spins, bonus games and big payouts. Another game, made by Playtech, is Top Trumps Football Stars - a 5 reel, 20 payline jackpot slot. If goals go in, you get the re-spins. You can find more info about the types of football games and sign up casino bonuses at www.onlinecasinoinfo.com.

Available on iPhone and iPad, New Star Soccer enables you to live the life of a footballer. You have to use your wages, increased by scoring goals for example, to improve your skill as a player and buy boots, amongst a whole host of other features.

Top Eleven, available from the App Store, Google Play and even through www.Facebook.com, is another online football manager simulation style game similar to Football Manager. Although the game doesn’t have the rights to the clubs and players we all know so well, Jose Mourinho occasionally pops up to give you some advice every now and then.

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<![CDATA[How Gambling Regulations Compare in Brazil and Around the World]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93238_how_gambling_regulations_compare_in_brazil_and_around_the_world.htmlBrazil has often been described as a ‘sleeping giant’ in the world of online betting and gaming, with those in the industry keen to, one day, harness the potential of a country whose population passed the 200,000,000 mark a few years ago.

Gambling is a decidedly ‘grey’ area in Brazil, with no formal legislation, nor a blueprint to make it happen. Still, that has not stopped millions in the soccer mad country having a bet on their favourite teams in Serie A and the seleção.

Indeed, many would pinpoint the beachfront properties in Rio as the perfect location for some Vegas-style super casinos, blending in perfectly with the hedonism and carnival lifestyle of the area. Part of the problem is getting nationwide consensus, particularly difficult in a country with 26 states.

So, can Brazil learn anything from other countries regulations? Is there a pathway for a healthy, legal betting industry? In other countries, some as passionate about soccer as Brazil, there are lessons to be learned:

UK gambling industry among the most liberal of major industrial economies

You cannot turn on a soccer game on UK television without seeing an advert for betting. In fact, many broadcasts of Premier League matches will feature live betting odds, updated in real time. There has been a noted increase in the prevalence of sports betting since the liberalisation of the industry of the UK Gambling Act. You can out find more about it at www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Some will say that the Premier League is over reliant on the betting industry when just over half of teams have a gambling company as a principal sponsor on their shirts. But, it’s also a fact that the two industries are intertwined.

In the UK, the casino industry is just as robust, with both physical and online casinos enjoying the spoils of a liberal market. Indeed, there is some crossover in sports and casino, with the likes of Liverpool’s partnership with Bet Victor creating an official slot game for the Anfield club.

Australia and New Zealand interesting blueprints for Brazil

Australia and New Zealand are often lumped together politically, but their gambling regulations are very distinct. The industry is well regulated in New Zealand, while at the same time affording punters a level of freedom. Soccer, however, is beaten into third place in terms of betting popularity by the sports of rugby union and cricket.

In New Zealand, and to an extent in Australia, there is a passion for slot games, sometimes referred to as ‘pokies’. This ensures that New Zealanders get some of the top-rated slot games to play, including plenty of sports-themed titles.

This means that big international operators have flocked down under to launch casinos and sports sites, but there are also local operators too. Sites like www.bestcasinos.nz review both the local and international, allowing players to find bonuses and offers for each.

Brazil has much to learn from other countries

Of course, gambling should always be enjoyed responsibly. But there is a sense that Brazil is missing out, especially as much of the industry is pushed towards the black market. A drive towards legislation would benefit everyone, including the finances of the government.

Sure, some will point to an oversaturation of the market in the UK and Down Under, as well as a blurring of the lines between, for example, soccer and betting. But the punters know that their bets are regulated and safe. Brazil should take note.

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<![CDATA[Fabinho Relishing Midfield Competition At Liverpool]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93232_fabinho_relishing_midfield_competition_at_liverpool.htmlLiverpool midfielder Fabinho says he is relishing the prospect of competing for his place in the Liverpool midfield. With the likes of Henderson, Wijnaldum, Lallana, Chamberlain, Milner, Keita and Shaqiri, there is plenty of competition.

“When I came to Liverpool I knew this competition would exist in midfield and I think it’s really good for the team. If anything happens to a player, there’s adequate cover. During pre-season I played alongside a variety of different players and we blended really well.

“So, overall, I think it’s a good thing for the team. I think my performances have been good. It’s a different playing style than at Monaco; there were two of us in midfield there and here at Liverpool there’s three.”

Fabinho paid tribute to his teammates in accelerating his acclimatisation, “My midfield partners have given me guidance and assistance, as have the defence. I knew (my role) would change and I feel I’ve adapted well.

“You seek guidance and help from the players around you and that has worked really well up until now. It has been really good since I arrived here. The players and the coaching staff have been brilliant.”

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<![CDATA[‘No Chance’ Willian Would Have Stayed at Chelsea Had Conte Remained]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93231____no_chance____willian_would_have_stayed_at_chelsea_had_conte_remained.htmlChelsea winger Willian admits that he would not have stayed at the club this summer had previous boss Antonio Conte remained in post.

Relations between the pair became strained towards the end of last season. In an Instagram post after Chelsea’s FA Cup win, Willian obscured Conte’s face with a trophy emoji.

Conte was sacked this summer and replaced by compatriot Maurizio Sarri has taken his place and the Brazilian admits he probably would have left had Conte remained.

“I’m here. I’m here because I want to play for Chelsea. I will only leave if Chelsea want me to go. We have a lot of players with quality up front, players like Eden Hazard and Pedro.

“Players like that want to play football. That’s why Sarri talked about ‘fun’ football because he wants to build from the back. This is what we will try to do this season.

“This is what we do in Brazil and are trying to do here, playing with skill and movement and the manager told us to do that.”

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<![CDATA[Alisson Can ‘Add Another Dimension’ To Liverpool, Says Van Dijk]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93222_alisson_can____add_another_dimension____to_liverpool__says_van_dijk.htmlLiverpool centre half Virgil van Dijk says that new boy Alisson can add another dimension to the team’s play. The Brazilian was purchased for a £65m fee this summer and his distribution is among his most celebrated qualities.

Van Dijk believes this can give Liverpool an edge as they seek to build from the back, “We speak a lot. He’s very vocal and that helps. It helps me and everyone in the back line. I think his presence is very good as well.”

“We know that right now we have a great squad,” Van Dijk added. “We have a lot of quality players. Of course, we want to challenge. I do not feel any pressure in that case but we play every game to win, that’s how our mind-set is. The most important thing is that we look at ourselves.”

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<![CDATA[‘Massive Club’ Liverpool Too Good To Turn Down, Says Fabinho]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93221____massive_club____liverpool_too_good_to_turn_down__says_fabinho.htmlLiverpool’s new Brazilian midfielder Fabinho says that Liverpool was too good an offer to turn down when he heard of their interest. The player joined from Monaco in May for a fee totalling £55m.

The player said many clubs in Spain were also interested, but once Liverpool got in touch, his mind was made up very quickly.

“When the opportunity came about to join Liverpool, I spoke to the coach and that gave me the certainty that it was the right decision which has been confirmed by being here,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’d been at Monaco for many years, and I believe it was time for a change. I wanted to move to a massive club with ambition that are fighting for titles. It was between the English league and the Spanish league

“This is a massive club, and if this is not the best league in the world, it’s one of the two biggest championships in the world.”

“We are looking very strong. The preparations have been great and looking at all the elements, not just the first team, we have a great squad. We will be fighting for the title.”

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<![CDATA[Fred Earns Plaudits of United Teammates]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93217_fred_earns_plaudits_of_united_teammates.htmlManchester United midfielder Fred made his full debut for the club during Friday night’s 2-1 win over Leicester City in the Premier League curtain raiser at Old Trafford. The Brazilian’s performance drew the praise of his United teammates.

Alex Sanchez told the United website, “I think he has a direct style of play – he goes forward,” the Chilean stated. “It is very important for the group, for all of us, to get to know him better.

“He has been with us for a short time, but you can already see that he is a player who wants to win, who wants to achieve things. He went to the World Cup and he is going to be an important addition to the team.”

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba joined in with the plaudits, “Fred came in and, for his first game, did great. It&#39;s his first game and you know you have to adapt. It&#39;s not easy. He&#39;s done a great job in the win.”

Fellow midfielder and compatriot Andreas Perreira was equally impressed. “Fred is a very good player and I am very happy for him. He played very well and I am happy we won.”

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<![CDATA[Fabinho Says Manchester City Player Crucial In Persuading Him To Join Liverpool]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93216_fabinho_says_manchester_city_player_crucial_in_persuading_him_to_join_liverpool.htmlLiverpool midfielder Fabinho signed for the club back in May for a fee of around £55m. The Brazilian attracted a lot of interest around Europe for his performances at Monaco.

But the player says Manchester City schemer Bernardo Silva was a big part of his decision to come to England, after the two played together at Monaco.

“He told me how much I would like Liverpool and how impressed he was by the way people here live, and breathe football,” he told Sky Sports.

“We were good friends at Monaco and he was one of the best players there. We had a real understanding, and I’m really happy for him that he won the title last season. I wish him plenty of individual success this season, but not the title!”

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<![CDATA[Gilberto Silva Discusses América Mineiro Connection with Richarlison]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93197_gilberto_silva_discusses_america_mineiro_connection_with_richarlison.htmlGilberto Silva is remembered for his exploits as a member of Arsenal’s unbeaten title winning squad and for the fact that he played every minute for Brazil during their victorious 2002 World Cup winning campaign.

Everton new boy Richarlison would be delighted to achieve similar feats, but he does already share one tie with Gilberto- they both started their careers at Belo Horizonte club América Mineiro in Brazil.

Gilberto told Everton’s website that it is a good environment for young Brazilian talent to flourish, “AMG is the third club in Minas Gerais. Their aim is to produce players and give them valuable experience.

“Their history shows they have developed many players who went on to the national team. In the past there was Eder (one of the stars of Brazil’s beguiling 1982 World Cup team) and myself, then later Fred (the former Lyon striker who won 39 caps) and Danilo, who is now at Manchester City.

“Although AMG are the third force in the state, they cannot compete economically with the big two, Atletico and Cruzeiro, so their model is to sell when the time is right for the club and player.

When you move from AMG to a bigger rival, you have more players to compete with, more supporters to satisfy and a different structure to get used to. I had to consider those things and it would have been the same for Richarlison.

“But it was our dream because we wanted to take the next big step in our careers. AMG is a great place to start because you get your opportunity to play. The supporters would prefer to keep the best players, of course, but they understand the reality.”

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<![CDATA[Marco Silva Insists Richarlison Price Is ‘Value’ After Two Goal Debut]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93196_marco_silva_insists_richarlison_price_is____value____after_two_goal_debut.htmlEverton forward Richarlison made a dream debut for the Toffees with two goals in their 2-2 draw away at Wolves on Saturday evening. Everton boss Marco Silva defended the £35m- possibly rising to £50m- price he paid to sign the Brazilian from his former club Watford.

Richarlison was without a Premier League goal since November, so the price tag invited questions from many quarters. Speaking after the player’s two goal salvo against Wolves, Silva insists that the price represented value.

“For me, the figure is not important and it is not important talking about it every time. If a club pays that money it is because that is his value in the market – and it’s not only our club paying this money for one player.

“Of course, it’s a fantastic start for him. He is a boy I took last season from Brazil and we did everything to bring him to this club too. It’s a fantastic start, with fantastic work and fantastic behaviour, and with his talent, in some moments he can score.”

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<![CDATA[Richarlison Promises to ‘Give Everything’ for Everton]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93184_richarlison_promises_to____give_everything____for_everton.htmlEverton forward Richarlison insists that he will ‘give everything’ for the Toffees following his £40m move from Watford last month. The Brazilian is quickly settling into life at Goodison.

“I know my responsibilities. The fans will see the effort I’m putting in, giving my all on a day-to-day basis. I intent to work hard, score goals, create assists and help the team in everything I do.

“I’m really happy to be here at this big club. It is a childhood dream to play in the Premier League. I’m going to give my all and do my best for Everton so we can achieve great things here.”

The Brazilian is excited to hook up with manager Marco Silva again, whom he worked with at Watford last season.

“I’m really happy to be working with him again, it’s a real pleasure. The first time I spoke to him was when I was playing for Fluminense and I received the call [to go to Watford], which I was really happy about. I’ve always played well under Marco Silva and I get on well with him.

&quot;I think he’s a great coach. I understand him. Whenever I want more information about something, think there’s something I could do better or need an explanation, I’ll go to his office and we have this dialogue, which helps me out on the pitch.&quot;

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<![CDATA[Gilberto Silva Praises Richarlison’s Adaptation to the Premier League]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93183_gilberto_silva_praises_richarlison___s_adaptation_to_the_premier_league.htmlFormer Arsenal and Brazil midfielder Gilberto Silva was impressed by what he saw from Richarlison’s first season in England with Watford and believes the player can go from strength to strength at Everton.

Gilberto came to England aged 26, five years older than Richarlison is now, and advised that the player learn the language quickly to aid his adaptation, “I was very mature when I moved to England and I knew exactly what I wanted for myself and my career,” says Gilberto.

“Although it was a huge step, I was not a youngster anymore. Richarlison was only 20 and did so well in his first season in England. It is about how you settle your mind. If you want to adapt and succeed in any new environment, you have to work hard.

“When I moved to England it was what I wanted to do: adapt to a new club and new life and learn the language, which was very important. It can be difficult when you move somewhere and do not understand the language.

“But it was not something that bothered me. I wanted to enjoy my life and fit into a new culture, to embrace the changes and concentrate on making the move work. You have to focus on training, on the coaching and tactics and learn the language.

“That was my mindset when I moved to England – and it seems to me that Richarlison is the same. Everyone in Brazil watches the Premier League and will be keen to see Richarlison at Everton. The Premier League is very big here.

“The people love football and want to see good competition. We follow our players in England very closely because some of them will play for the national team and people want to know everything about them.”

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<![CDATA[Early Signs Look Positive for ‘Enabler’ Fred at Old Trafford ]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93177_early_signs_look_positive_for____enabler____fred_at_old_trafford_.htmlThe hyperbole spouted by the UK tabloid media over the summer suggests Manchester United are a club in crisis. Most of the furore surrounds a (relative) lack of transfer spending, although, admittedly, much of this has been fuelled by the grumbling of manager Jose Mourinho in various press conferences across preseason.

Of course, the reality is that United’s transfer spending surpasses all but a handful of clubs across the globe. Mourinho is upset that the Red Devils have only spent around £70,000,000 this summer, or around 50% more than the combined total of all Brazilian top flight clubs last year. It’s certainly normal for clubs to want the best new players each summer, but for United it’s been an obsession since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013. 

Fred has impressed in preseason games

There are signs, however, that Mourinho and the fans are happy with the most significant bit of transfer business completed this summer – the acquisition of Frederico “Fred” Rodrigues de Paula Santos for £52 million. The 25-year-old joined in June before heading to the World Cup with Seleção, although United fans were disappointed not to get a glimpse of their new man in Russia.

The lack of minutes in Russia meant that Fred was able to join up with the United squad on their preseason tour of the United States much earlier than expected. To be frank, his presence was much needed, as the Premier League side was heavily depleted throughout the tour.

Pereira also has bright future

The good news for United is that Fred seems to have found his rhythm in the side almost right away. Fans and pundits have been impressed with the former Shakhtar Donetsk man, citing his tackling, doggedness and tenacity as his best attributes. In particular, there was plenty of admiration for his link-up play with Brazil U23 player Andreas Pereira, another who impressed in pre-season.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/q6ctyNb_biI" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

But, Fred brings something else to the team, something that United fans who long for a return to the scintillating football of the Ferguson years are keen to point out: an ability to play the ball forward, with speed. For a number of years now United’s build up play has been slow and ponderous, especially in transitional phases between defence and attack. Fred has given fans a glimmer of hope that he can enable these transitions.

United title odds have risen over the summer

In truth, United look like they need all the help they can get in the Premier League this season. Manchester City are given odds of just 4/6 to win the league by Bet365, with hated-rivals Liverpool made second-favourites at 4/1. United’s odds of 7/1 are among the biggest they have been ever given before a season kicks off. Thus, according to bookmakers, United have a lot of catching up to do. It might be a little closer than that though, so cover any outlay with free bets using these Bet365 offers.

It’s not abundantly clear how Fred will slot into the side, or if the Brazilian’s arrival will prompt a change in formation from Mourinho. His on-field relationship with Paul Pogba is going to be crucial to United beating those odds mentioned above, as will the link up with Nemanja Matic at the base of midfield. The signs, however, look good so far, suggesting United have signed an intelligent, dynamic player who can breathe new life into the side. Will it be enough?

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<![CDATA[‘Fighter’ Richarlison Will Excel at Everton, Predicts Gilberto Silva]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93172____fighter____richarlison_will_excel_at_everton__predicts_gilberto_silva.htmlFormer Arsenal and Brazil midfielder Gilberto Silva says that new Everton forward Richarlison has what it takes to be a success at Goodison Park, following his big money summer move from Watford.

Silva, who won a Premier League title with Arsenal and the 2002 World Cup with Brazil, thinks the player has the qualities suited to a club like Everton.

“He really suits the Premier League and is different from a lot of Brazilian forwards of the past,” Gilberto told evertonfc.com.

“He is quite physical and although he is young, he is the type of guy who will fight for the cause. I think he is going to do well at Everton.

“In his first year in England, honestly, I was so happy to see his attitude on the pitch. He is skilful and he is a fighter. He is young with a lot still to learn and he will grow as a professional and a man and develop in a different environment at a big club.”

“The national manager, Tite, closely follows the Brazilian players abroad. And being with Everton will help Richarlison a lot.

“This is a huge opportunity for him now to develop and achieve things in his career. But it is a big challenge as well, a new challenge.

“It is important he focuses on helping Everton achieve their aims and if he does that he will achieve his personal goals as well.”

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<![CDATA[Everton Seal Bernard Signing]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93171_everton_seal_bernard_signing.htmlEverton have completed the signing of Brazilian winger Bernard from Shakhtar Donetsk on a free transfer. The player spent 5 years in the Ukraine after impressing as a young man for Atlético Mineiro, where he won the Copa Libertadores.

“I chose Everton because of all the things I had heard about Marco Silva and after speaking to him I was happy with what he said to me,” Bernard told evertontv. “The manager made me feel confident about playing here. He is a very good coach and he has achieved really good things at other clubs.

“Everton is a club with a great structure and a lot of tradition, historically the fourth most successful club in England. When I found out about this opportunity and what the manager wanted out of me I was happy.

“That is why I made my choice, because of the confidence both the manager and the Club showed in me. I did not need any convincing to come here. I believe I will be able to show my best as a player here.”

Manager Marco Silva said: “Bernard is a quick player, very good technically and he can play on the left or right wings and as an offensive midfield player behind the striker.

“He has experience of playing in the Champions League for Shakhtar Donetsk for the past five years and the fact he has 14 caps for Brazil is a further reflection of his quality.”

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<![CDATA[Robertson Impressed by Alisson’s Ball Skills]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93158_robertson_impressed_by_alisson___s_ball_skills.htmlWhen Liverpool decided to part with £66m to buy Alisson from Roma this summer, it wasn’t just his quality with his hands that caught their eye. The Brazilian has a reputation for having a good technical level with the ball at his feet.

His distribution already caught the eye of Reds’ left-back Andrew Robertson during Liverpool’s 5-0 friendly demolition of Napoli in Dublin on Sunday evening. “I thought he looked very comfortable and I think we adapted to him quite easily.

“All goalkeepers are different so it takes a bit of time but today will help the defence and help him know how we play as well,” Robertson told Liverpoolfc.com.

“He was very comfortable on the ball five minutes in and it meant we could show for it and he was starting most of our play, so it was a very good performance from him, but overall the squad performed very well today.”

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<![CDATA[Richarlison Looking to Create Bond with Everton Fans]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93157_richarlison_looking_to_create_bond_with_everton_fans.htmlEverton forward Richarlison is already making an impression with Toffees fans and the player is looking to cement the bond still further.

Richarlison gave his shirt to a young fan in the crowd following the pre-season friendly with Blackburn Rovers at Goodison Park.

“I was really happy. When I saw the little girl with the poster asking for my shirt at the Blackburn game, I wanted to make sure she got it. I gave one to her and she was overjoyed.

“I think this is wonderful because when I was young, I was a big football fan. I wanted to get players’ shirts, their boots.

“So that’s something I always try to do - give them something to make them happy,” he told the Everton website. The 21 year old also promised the fans something special for his first goal.

“My dancing is good,” he added. “I’m hoping to score my first goal and do the dance I promised – the pigeon dance - so I am looking forward to it. It’s good the fans are waiting for it!”

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<![CDATA[Mourinho ‘Best Manager I have Worked Under’ Says Willian]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93143_mourinho____best_manager_i_have_worked_under____says_willian.htmlChelsea winger Willian has described Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho as the best coach he has ever worked under and admits that the two are still in touch.

The Brazilian has been linked with a move to Old Trafford this summer to reunite with the boss that took him to Chelsea in 2013.

Willian has also been linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid, but the player says he will stay with Chelsea this season.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil, Willian said, “I don’t know if there was any official bid [from Manchester United], but some things have happened.

“Mourinho is the best manager I’ve ever worked with. We have a good relationship, we are friends.

“Sometimes we talk, we text, we send messages to each other via WhatsApp. He is a great manager, I really enjoyed working with him. I hope I can work with him again someday.

“Also, everything comes out on the internet, too. But Mourinho talks to my agent all the time, he says ‘bring him, bring him’. He has never called me, but he always sends me text messages.”

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<![CDATA[Premier League Predictions for 2018/19 ]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93144_premier_league_predictions_for_2018_19_.htmlWith just 9 days until the start of the new Premier League season, tensions are running high to see who will be crowned champions come May of next year. This has been a strange summer break so far with the World Cup taking center stage, and a transfer window which closes prior to the season starting rather than at the end of August. In terms of predictions we have been doing our research, studying an English football betting guide to see who the bookies fancy, as well as seeing where our guts take us. With that in mind, here are our predictions for the coming season.

Champions - Manchester City

It is so difficult to look past Manchester City in terms of who will win the title, especially given the way that they blitzed the league last year. Other teams have tried to play catch up whilst Pep Guardiola has been looking to further bolster his side, with some smart signings. Guardiola has the team that he wants, playing the way that he wants, and there will be no team to stop them.

Runners Up - Liverpool

Despite finishing 4th last season, Liverpool at times played some blistering football and of course Mo Salah took home the golden boot after a record-breaking season. Liverpool’s problem last year was losing from wining positions but the signings of Virgil van Dijk in January and showstopper Alisson from Roma should counteract this in the coming year. Add to the mix the signings of Shaquiri, Keita and Fabinho, and this will be a Liverpool side that will take the challenge to Manchester City.

3rd - Tottenham

Tottenham fans have not enjoyed the summer so far, with most of their players reaching the latter stages of the World Cup and no movement so far in the transfer window. Fans may be worried that their stars are tired following the World Cup, but Spurs know what to do when it comes to crunch time. Pochettino has plenty of players at his disposal, most of whom are more than well accustomed to playing together. It may be a rocky road for Spurs, but they should be able to seal 3rd spot once again.

4th - Manchester United

At the moment fourth spot looks set to be a straight shootout between Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea, and we have the Red Devils to just nab that last Champions League spot. Playing on a Thursday night in the Europa League rarely helps anyone’s league chances and given the fact that Chelsea and Arsenal have new managers, this transition stage could ultimately harm them. Manchester United have invested in the likes of Fred but expect Mourinho to bring a couple more in before the season starts. Manchester United are a team of great individuals right now, should Mourinho find the way to get them working as a team, 4th place will be heirs.

How do these predictions stack up against yours?

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<![CDATA[City Chief Delighted with ‘One of the Best Forwards in the World’ Gabriel Jesus]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93142_city_chief_delighted_with____one_of_the_best_forwards_in_the_world____gabriel_jesus.htmlManchester City’s Director of Football Txiki Begiristain has hailed City striker Gabriel Jesus as “one of the best young forwards in world football.”

The player was a crucial part of City’s title winning side last season and recently committed to a new 5 year contract with the club.

Begiristain was delighted the club convinced the Brazilian to commit his future to them, hailing the 21 year old as a unique talent.

“Gabriel is undoubtedly one of the best young forwards in world football, so to have him commit his future to us is a huge boost.

“There’s so much variety in his game. I know how much Pep enjoys working with him and I am really looking forward to watching his development in the coming years.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Wed, 08 Aug 2018 11:40:09 +0000
<![CDATA[Willian Relishing Working Under Sarri]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93130_willian_relishing_working_under_sarri.htmlChelsea winger Willian says he is relishing working under new Blues’ boss Maurizio Sarri. Willian had been linked with a move to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United this summer.

The Brazilian fuelled rumours by returning late for pre-season, but the player insists he has held clear the air talks with new boss Sarri and says that he is happy at the club. “I am a Chelsea player,” said Willian. “I have always made it clear that I want to stay here.

“The only club I know of that made a genuine offer for me was Barcelona. But my head is here and I have the intention of staying as long as the club don’t want to sell me.” Willian says he is looking forward to working under the Italian boss.

“This is a new era, with a new manager and I&#39;ve had a good conversation with him. I hope we can enjoy a lot of victories,” said Willian. “Sarri is a coach who likes to play football; he has a style of playing that is similar to Manchester City.

“We’ve only just started working with him, but in the first few days we’ve seen that he is a coach who likes to play the ball out from the back and likes his teams to play football. He will be very important for us.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Tue, 07 Aug 2018 11:11:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Alisson ‘Settling Very Quickly’, Says Andrew Robertson]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93129_alisson____settling_very_quickly_____says_andrew_robertson.htmlLiverpool left-back Andrew Robertson says he and his teammates have already been impressed by new goalkeeper Alisson. The Brazilian arrived from AS Roma for £66m in July.

Robertson told Liverpool.com that he is settling in very nicely following the Reds’ 5-0 win over Napoli in Dublin on Sunday.

“From day one he settled in quite quickly,” said Robertson. “I think everyone knew from his first interview he spoke very good English so the settling-in period is over for him and I think he is very much part of the squad.

“Today he looked at home, he looked comfortable and when he was called upon he made the saves he had to make, so long may that continue and that will give him more confidence than he has already got and hopefully that will stand us in good stead for the season ahead.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Tue, 07 Aug 2018 10:23:36 +0000
<![CDATA[Willian ‘Really Happy’ At Chelsea]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93116_willian____really_happy____at_chelsea.htmlChelsea winger Willian has moved to cool speculation over a potential move this summer after coming on as a substitute during the Blues’ 2-0 Community Shield loss to Manchester City on Sunday.

The Brazilian has been subject to bids from Barcelona and Manchester United this summer and speculation was increased by his late return from holiday after representing his country at the World Cup.

The player insisted it was a passport issue and says he is not unhappy at Chelsea, “This is just the beginning,&quot; he said after the game. &quot;I&#39;ve been only in three training sessions. We have a new season with a new philosophy, everything is new for everyone.

“But this team has everything to improve in all aspects. The people know we have a lot of competitions to play. If we work hard we can achieve a lot of things.” When pressed on what has been said between he and boss Maurizio Sarri, Willian was circumspect.

“I always told him I’m really happy playing for Chelsea. I never talk about me leaving the club.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Mon, 06 Aug 2018 11:50:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Gabriel Jesus Delighted to Commit to “Huge Club” City]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93115_gabriel_jesus_delighted_to_commit_to____huge_club____city.htmlManchester City striker Gabriel Jesus signed a new deal with Manchester City last week, extending his stay with the club until 2023. The Brazilian could not hide his delight at his new deal.

Jesus, who helped his side to the Premier League title last term, told Manchester City’s official website, “I would like to thank the fans for the welcome and for how well they have treated me.

“I can say that it was the best decision I&#39;ve made in my life to come to Manchester City because whilst I&#39;m here I&#39;m improving as a professional and as a person. Also thanks to the Club for being so organised and focused since I arrived.

“Pep had an important role in my signing, but also the Club. City is a huge Club and it is getting bigger and bigger so I just want to say thanks for everything. I hope that I can keep making the fans happy.&quot;

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Mon, 06 Aug 2018 10:30:16 +0000
<![CDATA[Felipe Anderson Credits His Development to Street Football]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93098_felipe_anderson_credits_his_development_to_street_football.htmlWest Ham winger Felipe Anderson says his upbringing playing street football in his hometown of Santa Maria have made him the player he is today. The Brazilian joined Santos when he was 13, but his formative years were spent playing on the streets.

Anderson, who recently spent 5 years at Lazio, told West Ham’s official website, “I grew up playing on the streets with my friends, and I think that had an effect on me technically. Now I’m here, in Europe, making my dreams come true.

“When I was a child I would play on the streets, because in Brazil you cannot join an academy until you are a bit older. I would play on the streets when I was very young, until I was eleven-years-old. I played on dirt pitches first, then onto grass.

“When I was 13 I went to Santos and that is when I started to play in a more professional setting.” The 25 year old was part of a squad that included Neymar, Elano, Danilo and Alex Sandro at Santos, who’ve all enjoyed stellar careers in Europe.

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Sat, 04 Aug 2018 12:17:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Coleman Impressed by ‘All-Rounder’ Richarlison]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93097_coleman_impressed_by____all-rounder____richarlison.htmlEverton full-back Seamus Coleman has already been impressed by new signing Richarlison. The Brazilian joined the Toffees from Watford in a transfer worth £40m last week.

And he has already caught the eye with his new teammates. Irish international Coleman told the Everton website that the forward has a bit of everything to his game.

“He is a great signing and has been great in training,” Coleman told evertontv. “He puts in a shift [which is vital].

“We have to make sure when we sign these players that they understand what Everton is about, they work hard and put in a shift for the team.

“In the couple of games he has played he has tracked back, worked hard and got involved. And he has scored a goal which is important.

“We all need to work hard to get the results. That is everyone in the team, not just the defenders.&quot;

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Sat, 04 Aug 2018 11:30:04 +0000
<![CDATA[Gabriel Jesus Signs New Deal With Manchester City]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93088_gabriel_jesus_signs_new_deal_with_manchester_city.htmlManchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has signed a contract extension with the club for a further five years. The Brazilian joined from Palmeiras in January 2017.

The 21 year old scored 17 goals last season as City marched to the Premier League title and won the Carabao Cup.

The player has established himself as the leading striker for his country and often keeps Sergio Aguero out of the City side.

Manchester City director of football Txiki Begiristain said: &quot;Gabriel is undoubtedly one of the best young forwards in world football.&quot;

The player himself could not hide his delight at the deal, describing joining City as “the best decision I made in my life.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Fri, 03 Aug 2018 10:34:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Alisson Keen To Get To Know His Liverpool Teammates]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93087_alisson_keen_to_get_to_know_his_liverpool_teammates.html 

Liverpool’s new goalkeeper Alisson says he is keen to start integrating with his new teammates after
joining up with the squad for pre-season training on Monday. The 26-year old joined the club from
Roma in July for £66m.
The Brazilian is already familiar with Roberto Firmino from international get togethers, but he sees
making friends with all of his new teammates an immediate priority ahead of the start of the new
“It’s important I get to know them as quickly as possible,&quot; he told the club’s official website. &quot;The
relationship we develop off the pitch is very helpful for us to gel as a team. I know Fabinho and
Bobby and I’m sure they’re going to help me.
&quot;I’ve also already worked with Mo [Salah], the three of them will be very important for me to settle
into the squad. My first impression tells me it won’t be difficult for me here – it’s a great squad
formed by great players and brilliant professionals. I’m sure it’s going to be a great season for us all.&quot;

Liverpool’s new goalkeeper Alisson says he is keen to start integrating with his new teammates after joining up with the squad for pre-season training on Monday. The 26-year old joined the club from Roma in July for £66m.

The Brazilian is already familiar with Roberto Firmino from international get togethers, but he sees making friends with all of his new teammates an immediate priority ahead of the start of the new season.

“It’s important I get to know them as quickly as possible,&quot; he told the club’s official website. &quot;The relationship we develop off the pitch is very helpful for us to gel as a team. I know Fabinho and Bobby and I’m sure they’re going to help me.

&quot;I’ve also already worked with Mo [Salah], the three of them will be very important for me to settle into the squad. My first impression tells me it won’t be difficult for me here – it’s a great squad formed by great players and brilliant professionals. I’m sure it’s going to be a great season for us all.&quot;


http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Fri, 03 Aug 2018 09:50:16 +0000
<![CDATA[Sarri Concerned Over Willian Absence]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93074_sarri_concerned_over_willian_absence.htmlChelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has admitted that he is concerned by Willian’s absence form pre-season training. The player was due to return on Monday following his exploits with Brazil in this summer’s World Cup.

After the penalty shootout defeat to Arsenal in Dublin for the International Champions Cup, Sarri admitted that he was a little concerned that Willian has yet to return. The player has cited passport issues.

The Brazilian is linked with a move to Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Sarri said, “I want to speak to him before I answer these questions. I don&#39;t know. I am not happy about the situation but I would like to talk to him. Is it strange? I think so.”

Sarri is also facing speculation over the future of Belgian pair Thiboult Courtois and Eden Hazard, “I will see them on Saturday for the first time so I don&#39;t know the situation in this moment. We are talking about top players and I think every club wants to keep top players.&quot;

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Thu, 02 Aug 2018 12:33:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Alisson Hopes To ‘Add Something Extra’ For Liverpool]]>http://www.sambafoot.com/en/news/93073_alisson_hopes_to____add_something_extra____for_liverpool.htmlHe may be a goalkeeper, but Liverpool’s newest recruit Alisson is keen to appreciate Liverpool’s style of play so that he can slot himself into it. The Brazilian joined up with his colleagues for pre-season training for the first time on Monday.

Alisson had been on holidays after playing with Brazil in this summer’s World Cup. With under a fortnight until the Premier League begins again, the ex-Roma man sees adjusting to Liverpool’s style as a key priority.

He told liverpoolfc.com, “This initial training session has been useful for me to see what our playing style should be in the Premier League. It’s also showed me that the team are very well adapted to it and everyone seems to be physically fit, not to say technically – they’re all great players after all.

&quot;I’m very happy to have them alongside me and to be a part of this project that Liverpool have and the great work they have been doing over recent years. I hope I can help and bring something extra to the team.”

http://www.sambafoot.com/datas/pictures/informations/2018-08/home/Thu, 02 Aug 2018 11:04:29 +0000