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The Best Football Betting Tips For Beginners

Football betting isn’t exactly easy. It takes analysis, time, and effort to study the games and teams to come up with a plausible prediction or bet. If you’re a beginner, don’t be discouraged as football betting is still relatively easy to get into.

For beginners, the best way is to read up on how it works and scour the internet with the best football betting tips for beginners.

Know commonly used terms

While learning about a new sport or event, it could get confusing because of the jargons used. In football betting, some terms could leave a beginner wondering what it means.

Here are just some of the terms football betting beginners should know.

●     Accumulator - Also called ‘acca’, an accumulator is a bet containing multiple selections. It is one of the popular ways of betting as the returns are higher. More on this will be discussed below. 

●     Banker - If a certain selection is sure to win, it’s called a banker bet. In North America, bankers are called ‘locks.’

●     Halftime / Fulltime - It’s a type of bet where bettors predict the result for the first half of the game, and then the last.

●     Handicap - As its name states, this kind of betting provides a handicap to the less fan favourite.

●     Stake - This is the amount of money placed in a bet.

Identify how you want to bet

There are two ways to make a bet. Depending on what kind of strategy you would prefer, one can place a single or an accumulator bet.

Single bets mean only betting on one single game. A bettor wins or loses depending on the game’s result. If you bet on four different matches The odds of winning money are much higher, but the gains are lower.

On the other hand, accumulator bets allow bettors to bet on multiple selections. However, to win, all selections must win. It’s a bit more difficult to win, but once you do the gains are much higher. That is the reason why many beginners prefer accumulator bets because of the high returns.

The best way to bet on football and win is to know which of these basic bets would be right for you. One way to know this is to ask yourself ‘How much are you willing to lose?’

Pay close attention to the sport

This seems obvious enough, but if you would like to become a serious football bettor, all of the best betting tips will tell you that research is the key to a good win.

Let’s say you would like to know how to bet on Brazilian Serie A. Make sure you take note of the fixtures and the teams that will play, watch plenty of matches, read on the game reports and reviews and keep track of the whole division.

That’s a lot of time and effort, but as previously said, football betting is challenging. All of the information and analysis gathered will allow beginner bettors to make well-informed predictions.


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