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History of the Brazil National Football Team: 5 Facts

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Do you love watching football?

Who doesn’t?

It’s a game of athleticism, skill, team spirit, and wit. When a game is developing, you’re excited to see through the strategies of each team and guess how well they will play through.

If you love football, there’s no chance for you to not notice the national team of Brazil. This country lives and breathes for football. The 2014 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Brazil, was more fun than ever. The audience elevated the spirit and each game was a thrilling experience for the viewers.

It doesn’t matter why you’re interested in this sport. Maybe you’re looking for the top football colleges in the US that would grant you a scholarship for being a good player. Maybe you’re into betting. Maybe you’re just a passionate fan. Whatever the case is, you have to know a few Brazil football facts.

This will be a fun read! 

5 Brazil Football Team Facts

1. A Scottish Man Brought Football in Brazil

Thomas Donohoe was the man who made history. He came to Brazil from Busby, Renfrewshire. He taught a few Brazillian people how to play football and organized the first match in April 1894. 

The First Game of the National Team Was in 1914

When Brazil was scheduled for a match with an Exeter City from England in 1914, a team selected from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro won the game. This is believed to be the first game of the national team. It’s one of the most important facts about Brazil football team, which would definitely be mentioned in HND assignment help by EduBirdie. When you’re writing academic content, it’s important to give some background from the very beginnings.

The beginning set the team for stardom, but the following appearances weren’t as impressive. It took many years for Brazil to get noticed in the world of football.

Things Changed in 1950

In 1950, Brazil hosted the World Cup. They got into the finals, playing against Uruguay. The match is known as the Maracanazo. Brazil lost and that was considered a national tragedy. The literal mourning showed how important football became for the Brazillian people. The game got into their lives and it stayed there.

The First Big Win Came in 1958

The 1958 FIFA World Cup holds a special place in the hearts of Brazillian people. Brazil got into the finals with Sweden and won with a result of 5-2. The final match was in Stockholm, and the outsider won! This was the time when Pele, who was only 17 years old at the time, made his debut and took the world on a crazy journey. This was one of the most passionate, talented, and fun players that football fans have ever seen.

Pele was a newbie during this World Cup. No one knew him and he didn’t shine before the final. During the second half of the final, however, he scored two jaw-dropping goals.

  • Brazil Has Won 5 World Cups
  • 1958 was a big year for Brazil. The country became a world football force. That’s not something you easily give up.

    Since then, Brazil has won four other World Cups:

    ●      The 1962 World Cup in Chile, defeating Czechoslovakia with 3-1 in the final;

    ●      The 1970 World Cup in Mexico, defeating Italy with 4-1 in the final;

    ●      The 1994 World Cup in the USA, defeating Italy with 3-2 in a penalty shoot-out;

    ●      The 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, winning over Germany with 2-10

    Brazil is the first and only national team that has won the Cup for 5 times.


    Why Is Football So Important in Brazil?

    Brazillian people don’t see these facts about Brazil football only as part of their history. To them, football is culture, heritage, and passion. Every Brazillian takes the role of a football coach during matches. They strategize, they disagree with the decisions the real coach makes, and they criticize players all the time. But they also breathe for the sport and give impressive support to the players.

    When you see the players from this team on the field, it feels like they are ready to give their heart and soul for a beautiful game. And that’s what they do, every single time.

    If you ever go to Brazil, you’ll be impressed by two things: samba and football. You’ll see people dancing samba in bars, making every evening as fun as it can be. But football will be everywhere around you! You’ll see little kids playing on the streets, people talking about matches and players all the time, and matches taking the center of attention no matter what else happens.

    The entire country lives for the game.

    BIO: Connie Elser is a blogger, world traveller, and sports fan. She combines her three passions in her job. Freelance writing allows her to travel and attend sports games around the world without the need to quit a job.    


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