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Brazil’s win over Russia confirms what we already knew

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Brazil’s friendlies are unlikely to really change much in Tite’s mind. The coach has come in and changed Brazil’s fortunes, and therefore greatly deserves all of the praise he has been, quite rightly receiving. He is a coach that clearly values planning as well as getting a coherent way of playing in his team. He has a mind for what to do and how to do it which has Brazil such a solid and beautiful team in recent months.

The big issue for two of Brazil’s previous coaches wasn’t so much that they didn’t have good players, it was that they had no idea how to play them. Dunga kept chopping and changing while Scolari wasn’t sure of his side for the World Cup at this stage, meaning there was a lack of coherence and familirty when they kicked off in 2014. Tite clearly does not want to make the same mistakes and thus has a core of players who he trusts and relies on to make his side flow and play with familiarity and strength. This is what has turned Brazil around and has made them one of the sides who look likely to go deep in Russia when the world cup begins in June.

In fact, with many bookmakers it has made them the favourites and has allowed many people to jump onto the Brazil bagwagon and back them at 5/1, before the price gets even smaller. There are going to be so many wonderful things to bet on at the World Cup, so many interesting markets and odds as enticing as Brazil’s 5/1 to win ones that it will be important to know where the value lies in the market. The daily SBAT tips then are the perfect way to keep up with what is hot and what's not during the World Cup. It is easy to know who will win when Brazil face a side but harder to work out what will happen when Iran play Morocco.

For Tite, this weeks win over Russia in a pre World Cup friendly then is unlikely to radically later what he already had planned. He will not be throwing out all the work he has done to have a new system or new ideas or new ways of doing him. This is probably the case for most coaches with a shot at the World Cup. If you look at Germany, Brazil’s other opponent during this international break, their coach is not going to make radical changes nor is Spain’s or France’s.

If you look at teams who will be seen as much bigger outside shots for the title, like Argentina and England, they don’t have fixed teams. Their managers are chopping and changing and they don’t have an idea of how to play or even their formation. That is why Tito's reign has been so important, stability and a common theme wins titles. Brazil did not have that but now they do and we should all be celebrating that.


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