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2018 FIFA World Cup Top 3 Qualifiers and Winning Chances Discussed


It's a year before the biggest football event kick starts in Russia. Now, a couple of 2018 World Cup qualifiers have already made their mark on the world stage. This includes the all-time favorite, Brazil, and the European powerhouse, Belgium.

But this time around, the host country wouldn’t let the event push through without them. Here, we’re going to examine the chances of victory these three teams have. So, sit back and relax because a ball-kicking session is going live.

Belgium Sets High Hopes

Belgium is the first European team to qualify for the World Cup after beating Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina with striking fashion. There were even two more games that they could have leveraged from, but they seem to be quite thirsty of the qualifier – and so they won.

For sure, Belgium's next encounter with Bosnia-Herzegovina on Oct. 7 will result in an expected outcome. The odds even speak on behalf of Belgium's impending win with 6/4 on their side against the 2/1 odds on BH. The team currently sits on the 6th betting ranking spot sporting +1600 odds on their side.

The Belgian team has a lot of Premier League talents in store, with the likes of Christian Benteke, Morouane Fellaini, and Romelu Lukaku. And don’t forget the hard-hitting Eden Hazard! Though they still aren't a full-fledged world-class caliber like Argentina, Brazil, and England already are, it's safe to assume that their individual talents got a lot of potentials to bring home a sweet Belgian victory.

And this time around, they’ll capitalize on their devastating 2017 World Cup loss at the hands of the Argentines. The Chelsea forward, Eden Hazard, is going to have a good time with Roberto Martinez who has an eye for a rapid pace changing. With this being said, Belgium seems to be in a pretty good situation for their shot at next year's World Cup.

Brazil Vows for Vengeance

If Belgium was the first European team to qualify, it’s Brazil who first qualified globally. The football powerhouse secured a spot as early as March, a testament to their experienced prowess.

There are a lot of reasons why you should bet for Brazil’s strong +700 World Cup betting odds, and being second to Germany in the betting odds ranking. However, the best reason might be due to a single person – and that is the £200 million Neymar.

With someone as Neymar’s caliber, scoring a total of 6 goals out of the recent 10 game appearances, Brazil is worthy to be feared upon in next year’s World Cup. Add into the equation the fact that he’s the world’s most expensive player.

Brazil might be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word football or World Cup. That comes to no surprise as they have won the 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and the 2002 World Cup.

But because the Germans defeated them during the 2014 World Cup by 7-1, their prominence in the sport dwindled considerably. Without a doubt, Philippine Coutinho, Willian, and Gabriel Jesus will also take part in putting an end to this nightmarish scenario.

Russia Leverages as Host Country

Being the host country might bring in favored outcomes for your national team. That is likely to be the case for some. But for Russia? Perhaps not. Having someone who’s high-of-a-caliber as Igor Akinfeev, there’s no room for questioning how the Russians made it.

Despite it only being the fourth time they play in the World Cup, they still have an elite defense that can pretty much take control of the game. Akinfeev, the Russia’s goalkeeper, successfully took 100 caps, which is a very high statistic knowing that he’s only 31 years of age.

And the team’s manager, Cherchesov, might just be cool with that. Cherchesov is more of a defensive tactician that prefers strategy over individual talent. With this, one can see Russia as being the total opposite of the star-studded Brazilian team.

Take not that Russia doesn't have any Premier League players, compared to Belgium and Brazil. Perhaps this might be the reason why Russia is in the 12th spot with their +3300 betting odds. They still have a lot to show to the world, which is why they remain to be a humble underdog in next year’s World Cup.


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