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Hernán Barcos explains Grêmio move to Palmeiras fans

Hernán Barcos will leave Palmeiras with a heavy heart as he heads to Grêmio but wanted to explain to the Verdão fans the reason for his departure.

Barcos, 28, joined Palmeiras last January and scored 31 goals in his 61 games for the club last season, but relegation to Serie B has put constraints on the club and the move to Grêmio works out best for all parties concerned.

“I will be forever grateful to Palmeiras for everything they gave me and the great affection that the fans always had me,” the Argentine international said in a press conference on Friday.

“[José Carlos] Brunoro is not responsible for the problems that the club has. The new board has done a lot, is seeing a completely different Palmeiras, who we all want.”

Some Palmeiras fans reacted to the move by labelling the striker a mercenary and, while Barcos understands their reaction, he is keen to state that this is not true.

“I take very good memories. Whatever I said, I was being very sincere. The deal was good for everyone.

“I know the fans and the public may not agree. It is often difficult to understand when someone leaves. I've heard a lot, called me a mercenary, but it has nothing to do. The problem was not economic.

“It was not easy to decide. Too much to consider, so much to put in the balance. First is the family, then the Argentine national team.

“In the last game, I was not summoned and it made me very worried. Grêmio is a new challenge in my career.”

And the former LDU striker signed off his Palmeiras career with a letter to his fans via his Facebook page:

Hello fans, good afternoon.

From the beginning I said that we would be together, I believed and still believed in 2013 and that I would only leave if it was something good for me and Palmeiras.

The club has debts with me and LDU and this proposal will help the team resolve these issues and form a strong squad for the year.

The negotiation was not born of my desire nor of my manager. Palmeiras said that we should listen to the interests of Grêmio and left us free to seek the settlement.

I thank the fans, the club, players and staff for caring at all times. I fought hard, I always donated to the maximum for the club I love. Palmeiras was, is and will be very important to me.

See you there


Hernán Barcos

Source: Globo Esporte


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