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CANCELLED: São Paulo 2-0 Tigre (Copa Sudamericana final)

São Paulo 2-0 Tigre (Lucas Moura, Osvaldo)

01.45 GMT - Well, I'm going to leave it there then. Sambafoot will carry a report on the match and incidents surrounding it as soon as it all becomes a bit clearer. Have a good night folks.

01.38 GMT - I'm not sure if there is any precedent in these circumstances. That said, is it right to give São Paulo the title. I don't believe it is.

01.34 GMT - There we have it then. The game is called off and São Paulo are supposedly champions. Let's see.

01.29 GMT - Tigre officials are reporting injured players due to clashes with security staff, or police. We will have a decision in five minutes says the referee.

01.24 GMT - You can send me your views on the incidents on Twitter - @chris_elastico

01.17 GMT - Tigre, who are claiming via their Twitter account that their players were beaten by security officials, are refusing to return to the pitch for the second-half. Unconfirmed reports that they have no intention to continue and the game is suspended.

01.12 GMT - Still no sign of Tigre who are citing "security concerns". CONMEBOL have now suspended the game "until further notice", according to some reports.

01.07 GMT - It appears that Paulo Miranda, São Paulo's right-back was sent-off at the break. Douglas replaces Osvaldo

01.05 GMT - It seems there may have been an incident between Tigre and the Brazilian police at half-time and Tigre are now refusing to return for the second-half.

00.57 GMT - The second-half threatens more red cards than goals at the moment, but let's see what happens. Unless there is a major surprise, São Paulo will be Copa Sudamericana champions.

HALF-TIME - São Paulo 2-0 Tigre (Lucas Moura, Osvaldo) - Only one team in this game at the moment and Tigre's players attempt to harrass Lucas as the players leave the pitch. Embarassing from Tigre.

45' - Another São Paulo attack is ended by a Tigre foul. There is a red card coming fairly soon at this rate.

45' - Three minutes added time...

45' - YELLOW CARD - Gaston Diaz now booked for throwing the ball at Lucas.

44' - São Paulo once more bossing that midfield area. Tigre really outclassed here so far—they don't look like scoring.

43' - YELLOW CARD - Godoy booked for a deliberate pull back on Osvaldo on the left wing.

41' - Rhodolfo charges upfield for São Paulo and finds Willian Jose, but his striker was well offside by the time the ball came.

40' - Lucas is bloodied by that elbow to the mouth. Quite how it was missed, I am not sure. YELLOW CARD to Rogerio Ceni for his complaints.

39' - Ouch. Orban flattens Lucas on the touchline with an arm across the face, but Tigre are allowed to continue to the annoyance of São Paulo.

37' - Botta looks to slide Maggiolo down the side of the São Paulo centre-backs, but Rhodolfo mops up effectively.

35' - YELLOW CARD - Galmarini booked for a trip on the halfway line.

34' - Lucas Moura almost gets himself behind left-back Orban once more, but the defender recovers well to slide in and clear the ball.

33' - The midfield trio for São Paulo are everywhere and freeing up their forwards. Wellington, Denilson and Jadson deserve great credit here.

32' - YELLOW CARD - Denilson booked for a poor tackle on Botta in midfield.

30' - São Paulo are really showing their class on the counter-attack and, so far, Tigre have no response.

28' - GOAL São Paulo 2-0 Tigre (Osvaldo) - São Paulo are buzzing now and Lucas' brilliantly timed through-ball picks out Osvaldo who lofts the ball over the advancing Albil.

27' - Tigre already showing more desire to push forward, but they are showing little danger of encroaching into the São Paulo area at present.

25' - How can Tigre respond then? Their plan had been to defend, but they will need to do more than that.

23' - GOAL São Paulo 1-0 Tigre (Lucas Moura) - Osvaldo and Willian Jose spring São Paulo on the counter attack and the ball eventually rebounds to Lucas at the edge of the area who fires home left-footed.

21' - São Paulo starting to look threatening as Osvaldo and Wellington both try to force openings around the area.

20' - The free-kick is eventually taken by Jadson but flies straight into the hands of Albil.

19' - Lucas is flattened in midfield as he looks to play through Osvaldo, who beats the keeper to the ball. The game is called back for a free-kick.

17' - Tigre launch a long-throw into the box but the giant figure of Rhodolfo is there to head clear.

16' - After their corner is half cleared, the ball returns to taker Botta on the left flank. The tricky forward cuts into the box on his right foot and fires low at Rogerio Ceni in the São Paulo net.

14' - Tigre has a corner after a pass deflects off São Paulo right-back Paulo Miranda. Can they do anything?

12' - The game is struggling to gain any rhythm at the moment. Both sides have been overly physical and Tigre look happy to see the match head in this direction.

11' - His touch may have been heavy in attack, but Wellington has swept up beautifully when Tigre have threatened to counter on a couple of occasions.

9' - Wellington goes on a charge from midfield for São Paulo beating three, but seeing his final touch evade him and reach the goalkeeper.

8' - Tigre showing little attacking ambition here. The bus is well and truly parked, while São Paulo stroke the ball around.

7' - Orban may have reason to be worried as São Paulo consistently look to pick out Lucas on the right.

5' - Little bit naughty that from Lucas Orban. The Tigre defender has a little dig at Lucas Moura with his foot as he walks past the striken São Paulo man. Lots of free-kicks so far.

3' - It has taken longer than expected, but we have our first injury. Tigre's defender falls to the floor after a supposed high-foot from Jadson.

2' - Thus far it is Ney Franco's side who are manipulating the ball and retaining possession.

1' - São Paulo got us underway then and it didn't take long for Osvaldo to give us our first shot, with his 25 yard effort flying high and wide.


23.59 GMT: Looks like we'll be kicking-off ten minutes late then. Not bad for Brazil, that.

23.56 GMT: Time for the Brazilian national anthem, as is compulsary in São Paulo state, then we will be ready for action as a Brazilian side competes to win the second continental title of 2012, following Corinthians' Libertadores success.

23.54 GMT: Amazing scenes at the Morumbi. Flares are lit, the crowd are singing and Lucas has seen a banner released in his honour—attached to helium balloons.

23.50 GMT: The teams are coming onto the pitch at the Morumbi for what will be Lucas Moura's final game in a São Paulo shirt. After a 0-0 away game in Argntina, can São Paulo give their 66.000 fans a reason to celebrate.


SAO PAULO: R.Ceni; P.Miranda, R.Toloi, Rhodolfo, B.Cortez; Wellington, Denilson; Jadson; Lucas, Osvaldo, Willian Jose

TIGRE: Albil; Paparatto, Echeverría, Godoy, Orban; Ferreira, Galmarini, Díaz, Leone; Botta, Maggiolo.


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