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Legal information

Sambafoot.com Legal information

Under article 6 of law n° 2004-575 from the 21st of June 2004 regarding trust in numerical economy , Sambafoot.com’s users are informed of the identity of the various contributors of the website.


Owner and editor: SAMBAFOOT RCS Paris

Email of the owner and editor: [email protected]

Director: Frédéric Fausser

Host: ONLINE - 8 rue de la ville l'Evêque - 75008 PARIS


Gathering of personal information and privacy notice


In France, personal information is protected under the following laws:

      N° 78-87 from the 6th of January 1978

      N°2004-801 from the 6th of August 2004

      Article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code

      European directive of the 24th of October 1995


Sambafoot.com gathers the following information from its users during their visit:


   * The URL address from where the user accessed the website

   * The user’s access provider

   * The user’s IP address


Sambafoot.com only collects its users’ personal information (email, favourite club) when it serves the purposes of the services offered. The information is consciously provided by the user, when s/he completes an information form.

 The user will then be clearly notified which information is mandatory and which is optional.

 The user will have the possibility, upon proof of identification, to contact SAMBAFOOT, using the following email address: [email protected] in order to:

    * Verify the personal details collected by Sambafoot.

    * Information relating to identity and geographical location of recipients of such data;

    * Receive a free copy of his or her data, providing the request is not abusive by being repetitive or disproportionate.


None of Sambafoot.com users’ personal information is:

      Collected against the user’s will;

      Published against the user’s will;

      Exchanged, transferred, given or sold to any third party. The information can only be transmitted in the case of a third party buying the rights of the owner, the buyer would then be responsible for the conservation of that information.


Sambafoot.com is authorised to conduct studies and statistical analysis on the use and the typology of Sambafoot.com users, providing that the anonymity of the users is protected.


Rectification of the information gathered

 Under the article 34 of the law n° 48-87 from the 6th of January 1978, the user has the right to modify nominative data concerning him or her that were gathered.

  In order to make a modification, the user has to send an email to SAMBAFOOT Company using the following address: [email protected] The user has to indicate his or her name or the name of his or her company, his or her contact details physical and/or electronic, as well as the reference he or she uses as a member of Sambafoot.com website.

 SAMBAFOOT Company will then communicate to this user the postal address where the user will have to send his request in order to access their personal information. The request will have to be sent by recorded delivery. Along with their request the user will have to send a copy of his or her ID and a copy of the information concerned in the request.

 The modification will take place in a relatively short amount of time after the user’s request has been received.

 Information related to the Forum, to the Blog, to the comments under the articles and to the comments on the players:


Information of the existence of a moderator:

      A moderator can delete any contribution, before it is published (on the forum or on an article), that is not related to the topic, or to the editorial line of the site, or that is against the law.

Information related to the access rights:

        You have a right to access, modify, correct or delete the details you are concerned with. You can also, at any time, ask for your contribution to this space of discussion to be cancelled. In the same way that a football player playing in a league covered by Sambafoot.com can ask for a comment to be deleted or for his professional data to be modified, including height, weight, etc.

       Contact: [email protected]


 CNIL declaration:


 Sambafoot.com website collects some of its users’ personal information, it had to make a declaration to the CNIL. Its reference number is 1346551.



  Surfing on Sambafoot.com, and particularly after registering on the Forum, can result in the installation of a cookie on your computer. A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Generally speaking, it saves information related to the way you browse on our website (the pages you look at, at what time and when you consult our website). It also saves the information you give us, to avoid you to fill in the form each time you visit the website. This information is kept on your computer for only a few weeks.

  We inform you that you can oppose to the registration of « cookies » by configuring your internet navigator by following those steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

1.      Click on « tools » and « options »

2.      Click on “Security”

3.      In the menu « cookie » select the options that suit you.


For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:


1.      Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options”

2.      Click on “Confidentiality”

3.      Select the level of confidentiality you wish to have

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:


1.      Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options”

2.      Click on « confidentiality »

3.      Personalise the level of confidentiality you wish to have.

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X:


1.      Click on “Edition” and “Preferences”

2.      Click on “Confidentiality and security”

3.      Select cookie options


For Opera 6.0 and others:


1.      Click on “File” and then “Preferences”

2.      Select “Security” options




 The totality of Sambafoot.com content, including the text, pictures, audio, illustrations, videos and designs are, except in the case of complementary information, the property of SAMBAFOOT Company and its partners. 

Moreover, all representation, reproduction, broadcasts and reruns of part or the entire database contained in Sambafoot.com are forbidden under the law N°98-536 from the 1st of July 1998 related to the judiciary protection of databases.

The brands of SAMBAFOOT Company that appear on this website are all registered trademark.

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